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Free delivery. Arrives by Thursday, Oct 3. Pickup not available. This book is concerned primarily with political and economic events in Africa and The Gambia, especially between the coup d'etat and Significantly, it proffers policy recommendations to position this small but potentially rich country to leverage economic globalization to benefit the poor. Readily comprehensible to specialists and laypersons alike, this book is written by a scholar who has gained considerable respect, both in The Gambia and internationally, for his dispassionate analysis of events unfolding in his country of birth.

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See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Email address. This may be a bit easier for ordinary Gambians to stomach if the country actually had something to show for it. This was a lacklustre attempt to salvage a decaying economy and the already tainted image of Jammeh himself. This fact has severely discredited the commission. Perhaps not surprisingly, neither Jammeh nor his vice-president, Isatou Njie-Saidy, have appeared before the commission to account for their enormous wealth. Indeed Jammeh is not subtle about being one of the wealthiest leaders in West Africa having vowed that:.

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This has resulted in 72 per cent of Gambians living in abject poverty. The president, however, answers his critics by pointing to numerous schools, hospitals, clinics and roads constructed since he came to power. He has also refurbished the national airport and government-owned radio station, in addition to building the country's first university and only television station.

His critics, however, maintain that quality of services have deteriorated sharply and with it the country's infrastructure. This drew worldwide ridicule. It is clear that Jammeh's medical claims are intended to deflect attention from a failed health system. Many Gambians die routinely from easily preventable ailments, while he and his family seek medical care abroad.

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His economic claims are equally overblown but just as implausible. He has frequently promised to transform The Gambia into an information-technology giant - dubbing it Africa's Silicon Valley. But in spite of this there has been very little promotion of science and technology in schools. He has also promised every village in the country adequate electricity and water. None of this has come to pass. Also, his pronouncement that the Gambia is home to commercially viable oil deposits has not been independently confirmed.

To make matters worse, Jammeh has sold off several state-owned enterprises to foreign investors and has taken stakes in these himself. Predictably, a symptom of these policy failures is gross violation against foreign and local journalists whose job it is to see beyond the trickery. Marlo, Nikki B. Adams, Christopher R.

Purvis eds. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. Papers in Edited Christopher R. Syncope and the Volumes drive towards minimization in Colloquial Bamana. In Jonathan C.

Dr. Abdoulaye Saine

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Notes on the phonology and morphology of Marka Af- Ashraaf. Book Samuel G. Obeng and Christopher R. Schiffrin, D. Tannen, and H. Hamilton, eds. World Englishes 27 1 , Notices Christopher R. Review of Radicalism and cultural dislocation in Ethiopia, Africa Today 56 1 , Africa Today 56 2 , Review of Natural phonetics and tonetics. Review of Strength relations in phonology. Review of Onsets: Suprasegmental and prosodic behaviour. The Linguist List, January Review of The languages of Urban Africa.

The Linguist List, October 3.

Gambia: Under His Thumb -

Review of Zialo: The newly-discovered Mande language of Guinea. Presentations Christopher R. April 20, Syncope in Bamana. October , April , August , Morrisette,Christopher R. Chickens kick n chew, but tigers do too: The interacting error patterns problem.

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  • Margins and metrical structure: Constraining minimization in Colloquial Bamana. May , Avoiding multiple complexities in the prosodic word: Minimization in Colloquial Bamana. Michael C. On the seemingly opaque morphophonology of Na- jamba Dogon. Evanston, IL.

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      September , A foot-based account of French loanword adaptation into Bambara. New Orleans, LA. March , Nikki B.