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Temple of the Dragonslayer (Dragonlance: The New Adventures, #1) by Tim Waggoner - Risingshadow

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Tim Waggoner: The New Adventures

Issue 6, Nov. Issue 3, Sept.

Issue 2, Aug. Reprinted in Skin and Bone s, April Reprinted in Mythic Circle , Fall Associated Writing Programs, Reprinted in Speculations , One of six interviewers. A helpful young ranger, a failed warrior, a sneaky elf, and a kender wizard offer to accompany Nearra on her journey.

She soon learns her newfound friends have secrets of their own.

As goblins, an angry minotaur, and a vicious green dragon attempt to stop them at every turn, friendships are tested and all of if may come to ruin from the one Nearra trusts the most. The second title in an all-new Dragonlance series for young listeners! The Dying Kingdom continues a new series of Dragonlance adventures written specifically for listeners ages 10 and up. Sized to fit the young listener market, the series features a new band of young companions who band together for friendship and excitement during the golden age of the Dragonlance world.

The seer predicts the friends will defeat the bandit king terrorizing her village home. When they return victorious, she will reveal how Nearra can recover her identity, once and for all. Desperate to help Nearra, the group strides into battle. But soon the mission turns to disaster.

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Ancient powers rise before them. Secrets long buried come to light. And none of them will ever be the same.

Temple of the Dragonslayer (Dragonlance: The New Adventures, Vol. 1)

Armed with new weapons and a newfound confidence, Nearra and her friends plan to confront the wizard Maddoc. But before they can reach Cairngorn Keep, a skeletal griffin kidnaps Nearra and delivers her directly into the wizard's hands.

As Maddoc prepares the final spell to unleash the Evergence, Davyn and the others struggle to rescue Nearra.