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Table 3 for Hp , Table 4. Given: Problem 7 data and yieldable arches Find: Yieldable arches support.

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Given: Problem 37 data Find: Yieldable arch support. Given: Tunnel, support data. Use handout for selection a Table 3 or 4.

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Handout for continuous ribs. Given: An arched back tunnel 8. Find: a Fixed steel sets b Yieldable arches alternative c Bolting alternative. The main components are 1 rock strength 2 joint strength orientation and spacing 3 water pressure. RQD is important because it correlates with the values output from the scheme and thus allows for comparisons.

Main differences are in numerical weighting. Q does include a stress factor that RMR does not. RQD is important because it indicates the intensity or spacing of joints or fractures. The main features are: the intact rock strength, joint strength and water, The differences are slight, RMR and Q are well-correlated. Sign convention tension positive.

Downward shear force is positive. Solution: L. Given: Roof beam with built in ends. Given: Roof beam with built in ends rectangular section. Given: Entry: 3. Find: Bed separations. Surface psi E 4. Given: Problem 9 conditions and all layers must be safe i. Find: Lmax min , maximum roof span with FS 1. T0 1 h21 T 0 h2 10, 8. Solution: 2. Given: Sketch. Find: a bolt safety factors from dead weight approach. The thick sandstone 5. Note that the decreasing thicknesses of the shales which have the same modulus implies no bed separation within the shales, but rather at the 45 interface.

Check: Bolt safety factors w. Both plans adequate and technically close. Find: Reduction in roof tension. Given: Roof truss in the sketch at spacing S and tension T, Find: Equivalent distributed load in the vertical direction.

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Solution: R. Given: Laminated shale truss in the sketch. Note: Table 3. Solution: Optimum means greatest increase in FS. Stress is zero. Given: 2-seam coal mine, mining full height, ft wide entries, stratigraphic column, rock properties. Given: Mains, sub-mains, panel entries Show: a Favorable alignment of mains b Panel entries c w. Find: 1 Immediate roof safety factor. Table 3. Coal mine at ft depth Tensile safety factor of 4. Given: Problem 29 conditions and 15 ft wide entries. Find: a Maximum sag b Failure sag. Find: Bolting plan. Solution: Need an anchor stratum The mudstone appears thick and strong and within reach Try bolds that are 1.

Given: Sketch and data for low coal room and pillar mining. R5 R4 R3 R2 R1. E2 h32 6. Given: Sketch and table data. According to Table 3.

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Given: Problem 1 data, square pillar, entries and crosscuts 45 ft wide. Find: a Pillar size. Solution: From Problem 1. Solution: Ground level H Sp Sp.

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  • Given: Problem 5 data, square pillars with entries and crosscuts Given: Problems 5 and 6 data, pillars are Given: Entries and crosscuts Find: a R extraction ratio b FSs wrt to shear. Find: Rmax allowable. Find: Rmax possible. Given: Large, regular array of pillars on a regular grid with FSc.

    Find: a FSc needed to avoid failure of nearest neighbors. Solution: Cp Sp If pillar fails, then nearest neighboring pillars take up load, i. Solution: a By definition. Find: Fc. Find: Pillar size. Find: Minimum pillar size. Find: a premining ,. Find: Pillar dimension, crosscut spacing, entry spacing. Find: a Rmax.

    Find: Lmax B-Level. Given: Multi-level room and pillar metal mine, table data, geologic column, mining plan. Find: a Rmax with no size effect. Given: Problem 37 data A-level roof rock Find: a Max.


    Solutions manual to design analysis in rock mechanics

    Solution: a consider bed separation. Find: a Bolting plan. Given: Problem 37 data pillars at max R joint data Find: If joints in pillar safe set 2. Solution: Set 2. Find: R extraction ratio. Given: test data, etc.

    Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics

    Need: j , Tj in pillar after mining Surface. However, try FSj 1. Thus must consider premining reinforcement. Given: Caving to the coal rider seam at entry-crosscut intersection 20 ft wide, each. This suggests pillars are relatively high 28 ft and thus will show only a small size effect that will reduce R somewhat with size effect 2D view.

    Note if no size effect, then 0. Given: Data, lower seam mining Find: Maximum extraction ratio. Solution: Surface. Solution: From sketch and equilibrium requirements: 0. Find: Peak stresses, location. Solution: Text Fig. Given: Salt cavern prolate spheroid ft high 50 ft wide 1, ft Find: a required salt strength C0 b show stresses in vertical section. Solution: Surface a. Note: Treat as oblate, then use Fig.

    Solution: Sketch Because the mined region is more than twice as long as it is wide, it may be seen as a tunnel like excavation. The peak compression is located on the long edges of the opening away from the ends. The peak tension is located along the intermediate edges of the opening.