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It is a primary analysis before proceeding to the next step. Just open internet explorer in Windows PC, then goes through any website to make sure the presence of an Internet connection. In this situation, there is a separate method for setting each version of MS Outlook as well as Outlook Express.

Steps to Fix Send/Receive Error in MS Outlook or Outlook Express

So, resolve any bad settings if available application. At this level, you can manipulate server settings also. It also prevents your Outlook mailbox from duplicate email items. Sometimes, we receive some malicious code on mailbox through unreliable senders. At this moment, we should delete such kind of emails as soon possible.

In this situation, we should follow the guideline of Antivirus manufacture for enabling error free compatibility between antivirus and email client. Most of the trusted antivirus companies are providing proper guidelines on their official website or resource.

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If we set high priority with firewall then it can block the access of message transfer protocol and system. To avoid such kind of access barrier, there is a need to set adequate priority with MS Outlook and Express email client.

Add an email account using advanced setup

Sometimes, corrupt email profile is the root cause for underlying errors in MS Outlook. So, we should check the Outlook email profile carefully. If you find Outlook profile in damage status, then create a new Outlook profile by following steps:. Step 2 : Create a new Outlook email account profile. Steps 3: Make your newly created Outlook profile as a default profile. If Outlook email is working fine with newly created profile, then you should set this one profile as a default profile.

Apart from setting new profile as a default profile, you can transfer old emails to new one Outlook profile. Follow the predefined steps to perform the configure process for new Outlook profile as an old Outlook profile, given below:. Note: If you receive an error message of corrupt Outlook profile then go through the creation of building new Outlook email profile. Her company, Turtleflock LLC, helps organizations get the most out of Outlook and other Microsoft Office products, providing custom application development and other support.

Sue has been recognized by Microsoft with a Most Valuable Professional award every year since Additional information Sku GOR Condition Used - Good. Binding type Paperback. Year published Number of pages ISBN 10 ISBN 13 The 'Display Name' is is used to personalize your outgoing e-mail. People you send e-mail to will see your e-mail as being 'From' the name typed in below.

Note: This is not the same as your e-mail address.

Type in your e-mail address exactly as given to you by NetDotCom. Normally it should be in all small letters, however you can use capital letters to make it easier to read.

go site No spaces are permitted. Next, the Incoming and Outgoing mail server names need to be typed in. The following table indicates the proper mail server name to use based on your selected NetDotCom e-mail address.

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  • Use advanced setup to add a POP or IMAP email account in Outlook for Windows!

After the information is entered, click Next to proceed. Incoming Mail Server: pop. In the "Account name" space, please type in your e-mail address and password exactly as given to you by NetDotCom. This must be typed in all small letters without any spaces. Any mistakes will prevent you from retrieving e-mail sent to you. The 'check boxes' should be selected as shown.

Next you need to select the option that best describes how you connect to the Internet.

Account Options

If you are not sure select the third option. Before the new account can be used a setting has to be changed.

Outlook 2000 - How to setup an email account

Continue with the instructions below. When the pop.