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She became increasingly interested in religion as she grew older, visiting a number of shrines.

The She-Wolf of France

Isabella took the nun 's habit of the Poor Clares before she died on 22 August at Hertford Castle , and her body was returned to London for burial at the Franciscan church at Newgate , in a service overseen by Archbishop Simon Islip. Isabella left the bulk of her property, including Castle Rising, to her favourite grandson, the Black Prince, with some personal effects being granted to her daughter Joan.

In Derek Jarman 's film Edward II , based on Marlowe's play, Isabella is portrayed by actress Tilda Swinton as a "femme fatale" whose thwarted love for Edward causes her to turn against him and steal his throne. In contrast to the negative depictions, Mel Gibson 's film Braveheart portrays Isabella played by the French actress Sophie Marceau more sympathetically. In the film, an adult Isabella is fictionally depicted as having a romantic affair with the Scottish hero William Wallace. However, in reality, she was nine years old at the time of Wallace's death.

Edward and Isabella had four children, and she suffered at least one miscarriage. Their itineraries demonstrate that they were together 9 months prior to the births of all four surviving offspring. Their children were: []. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Isabella of France, see Isabella of France disambiguation. For the book, see The Accursed Kings. Grey Friars' Church at Newgate. Edward II of England m.

Main articles: Invasion of England and Parliament of Main article: Cultural depictions of Isabella of France. Ancestors of Isabella of France 8. Louis IX of France [] 4. Philip III of France [] 9. Margaret of Provence [] 2. Philip IV of France James I of Aragon [] 5. Isabella of Aragon [] Violant of Hungary [] 1. Isabella of France Theobald I of Navarre [] 6. Henry I of Navarre [] Margaret of Bourbon [] 3. Joan I of Navarre Robert I of Artois [] 7. Blanche of Artois [] Matilda of Brabant []. Queens Consort, England's Medieval Queens.

Guardian News. Retrieved 24 September Regal heraldry; the armorial insignia of the Kings and Queens of England, from coeval authorities, London: W. Wilson; Rodwell and Martin. Aristocratic Women in Medieval France.

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University of Pennsylvania Press. House of Plantagenet. Henry II of England. Henry the Young King. Richard I of England.

John, King of England. Henry III of England. Edward I of England. Edward II of England. Edward III of England. Richard II of England. Wives: Anne of Bohemia Isabella of Valois. Henry IV of England. Henry V of England. Henry VI of England. Edward IV of England. Edward V of England. Richard III of England. English royal consorts. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Roman Catholicism. Notes On one of Isabella's seals, she dimidiates England and France ancient, but on another seal she bears two escutcheons simultaneously, one with the arms of England and the other dimidiating the arms of her parents, Philip IV of France and Joan I of Navarre. Louis IX of France []. Philip III of France []. Margaret of Provence []. Philip IV of France.

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James I of Aragon []. Isabella of Aragon []. Violant of Hungary []. Isabella of France. Theobald I of Navarre []. Henry I of Navarre [].

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Margaret of Bourbon []. Joan I of Navarre. Robert I of Artois []. Blanche of Artois []. Big surprise. Hugh, being the arrogant jackass that he was, started flexing his nuts and doing everything he could to place himself above the queen. He fired all of Isabella's staff, bad-mouthed her to the King, publicly insulted her, and started stealing all of her money and property. Well the Queen was sick of King Eddie's weak sauce bullshit, and she wasn't going to let anybody treat her like that.

She Wolves, England's Early Queens: 01 Isabella & Margaret

She busted Roger Mortimer out of prison, and had her agents secretly ferry him across the Channel to France. Then she asked the King for permission to take their son to France to meet his grandpa, and the King said, "Sure, what the hell. She and Mortimer raised an army, and in she headed back across the Channel William the Conqueror-style for the explicit purpose of ripping the King's face off with her bare hands and barfing into his brain pan.

The people of England were also sick of Hugh Despenser's bullshit, and they quickly responded to the battle-cry of their omega-furious, badass queen. The nobility and the peasantry alike flocked to her banner as soon as she landed her invasion force, and at the head of a huge army, Isabella and Mortimer chased Edward out of London. Well, that's not really how shit played out for our boy Ed. He never got his a chance to show off his mad domestic violence skills, because Mortimer and Isabella beat the crap out of the King's army and captured him and the Despensers in As a thief you will hang, and as a traitor you will be drawn and quartered, and your quarters will be sent throughout the realm.

And because you prevailed upon our lord the king, and by common assent you returned to the court without warrant, you will be beheaded. And because you were always disloyal and procured discord between our lord the king and our very honourable lady the queen, and between other people of the realm, you will be disemboweled, and then your entrails will be burnt. Go to meet you fate, traitor, tyrant, renegade; go to your own justice, traitor, evil man, criminal! The King, for what it's worth, was imprisoned, stripped of his regalia, and forcibly coerced to pass the crown to his and Isabella's son, who was coronated King Edward III.

Isabella of France: the rebel queen who deposed her husband, Edward II - HistoryExtra

That was all well and good, but once Isabella got in control she kind of turned into a crazy, bloodthirsty bitch-o-rama. Ruling as regents for the fourteen year-old Edward III, she and Mortimer first executed a bunch of high-ranking nobles for no good reason, and then had the King dragged out into a field and burned to death with red-hot pokers. Eventually, everybody basically had enough of it. Edward III grew a pair, imprisoned his mom, had Mortimer whacked, and called it a day. Isabella lived under house arrest in her lavish resort of a castle for twenty-seven more years.

When she died, she asked to be entombed with Mortimer's heart placed in her casket, which is morbid as all shit but still kind of romantic if you really think about it.