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For this reason, it is important for health care professionals to ask the right questions and to collaborate in seeking answers when treating individuals who come seeking help. Today, these individuals may first seek counsel from a medical doctor, a psychotherapist, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist. Therefore, it is important that patients disclose all of their treatments to all of their health care professionals.

Recent years have witnessed growing openness to nonconventional therapies among conventionally trained clinicians and researchers. At the same time people who utilize Western biomedicine as currently practiced are turning increasingly to integrating non-conventional therapies for the treatment of both medical and mental health problems.

Approximately 72 million U.

Integrative Biological Analysis For Neuropsychopharmacology

If prayer is included in this analysis almost two thirds of adults use non-conventional therapies. Anyone diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder is significantly more likely to use nonconventional therapies compared to the general population. Integrative health care is based on the philosophy that health is influenced by a variety of interrelated factors such as life choices, environment, genetic makeup, intimate relationships, and the meaning and purpose in life.

As a model it is collaborative and multidisciplinary. It is open to and recognizes the importance of conventional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, mental health care, and mind-body approaches such as meditation, yoga, hypnotherapy, Reiki, and therapeutic massage.

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But the alternative treatments offered at each practice may differ widely. Some may use psychiatric medications and psychotherapy treatment in combination with a selection of alternative medicines, and others may not use psychiatric medications but will use other alternative methods.

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There are more choices are available than the average person seeking mental health treatment might believe. This Sunday February 14th 9 p. ET , the Emmy-nominated Brain Games tv-show is back!

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Wonder junkie Jason Silva returns to our screens, teaming up with Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Share This Article. Further Reading. Elise Stobbe.

Integrative Biological Psychiatry

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